bright enough EP

by celebration guns

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released July 31, 2014

recorded and mixed by Celebration Guns in April/May 2014


all rights reserved



celebration guns Phoenix, Arizona

Celebration Guns is a combination of nostalgia, energy, complexity & joy. Rising from the vast Arizona landscape, their sound includes elements of dream pop, indie rock, & noise pop. Their tireless effort to blend these styles together results in deceptively complex music, catchy and filled with hooks. Rarely able to sit still, their music stretches genres while retaining an undeniable pop charm. ... more

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Track Name: the harder i try
the harder I try then the further you go
the closest I get's when I leave you alone
the only real thing keeping this afloat is the distance between the two of our homes

don't leave when I refrain from your petulant games
don't mind making me wait for your attention again
Track Name: bright enough
i'm just gonna wait it out
golden age
complacency will carry it out

when the lights stop turning on
is it bright enough when i'm gone?

burnt out and ancient
wiser with aging
i'll stop complaining
with every ending
Track Name: say what you mean
will you ever come back down from that other world you found?
if I sank into the ground would it turn our fate around?

I was looking for you to explain
you were looking forward
but there never was an easy way
now I'm moving forward

just say what you mean
let me get over it
just mean what you say
soon enough i'll forget
Track Name: if there's time
if there's time to sit around then you will
if there's anyone listening you'll continue to talk
it's time to meet your makers online

at home you'll always make a crowd
believe you've made somebody proud

if there's time to sit around and explain why you are then you will
if there's anyone listening you'll continue to talk if you feel it makes it real
it's time to meet your makers online
and you'll feel invincible/invisible tonight

it was fine until they called and you wouldn't speak to anyone
hidden behind ones and zeros it's easier here than anywhere
than anywhere
Track Name: tiny instruments
let's pretend we grew some
moving forward let's pretend like we grew some
from now on i hope it feels like a new song

sometimes the lost are found
sometimes she sticks around
think this way potential

it brings to light what I could never say
there's a place for you if you asked me to
burned a bridge but now it's back in place
it's rebuilt for you if you asked me to
Track Name: always surprised
it's always me that lets me down
there's a reason I build you up when you're around
because it's easy

am I a fool?
or am I reaching to lose control when you're around me?

I'm always surprised that you never hide that look in your eyes
we're entangled in my mind
hearing your voice is keeping me poised to give up and run
forward motion to the sun

looks like we made it through...this time

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